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Accru Financial Planning provides holistic strategies to help you grow and preserve your wealth. As financial planners and accountants, we have the skills to achieve your financial goals tax-effectively, reducing risks and exposure to market volatility.

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Accru Felsers has a long history of helping businesses grow and deliver substantial wealth to their owners and families. At first, we referred our clients to other financial planners to look after their personal wealth. The planners would know investments and stocks inside-out, but they didn’t know our client – their business, their family, their tax situation, their financial aspirations and fears – the way we did. When looking at our clients’ whole financial picture, we were often disappointed with the outcomes.

By 1999, we knew there was a better way. That’s when one of Accru Felsers best young accountants, Greg Newbury, became a qualified financial planner and created Accru Financial Planning. Today, Greg has nearly 20 years experience in financial planning, and 30 in taxation and superannuation. Accru Financial Planning is a collaborative team of five managing over $200million in client funds, and fully integrated with Accru Felsers Sydney accountants and business advisors.

Planning your financial strategy – why we stand out

High quality, trusted advice  Accru Financial Planning has its own financial services license so we can objectively source the best investments for you from a very wide range of offerings. We don’t receive commissions from financial products, and we don’t create products to sell to you. Our team are specialists with knowledge across business, finance, taxation and risk, and deliver the high quality personal service that Accru is known for.

More financial skills, more advantages  As accountants, we’re qualified to make sure your assets are protected and your investments and superannuation are tax-efficient. As financial planners, we know how to help you set appropriate financial goals and create effective investment portfolios. That gives you extra wealth-building advantages with less risk.

Holistic strategies, lifetime results A smart strategy now means a great lifestyle and future retirement. Investments, cash, credit, tax, trusts, superannuation, wills and estates – these all play a part in your strategy’s success, and we work with you to consider, plan, execute and monitor each aspect to ensure you get the best results throughout your life (and even beyond it) for your family.

Deeper understanding, better outcomes  If you’re an Accru Felsers client, your relationship partner collaborates with our financial planners so you don’t go over the same ground twice. Knowing your financial, business and personal situation as well as we do enables us to get very tailored and successful outcomes.  For busy entrepreneurs and elderly clients alike, the time and worry saved by consolidating your financial affairs with one trusted advisor can be priceless.

Financial planners for professional and medical practitioners

While our financial planning clients are very diverse,  we have a specialisation in health, medical and professional practice owners – doctors, dentists, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers – these are the professions of the children of Felsers original post-war clients who successfully built wealth in Australia – and we’re proud to say some of their children are still our clients today.

Financial Planning Process AccruWhat we can do for you

We can tailor an effective financial plan for you from a wide range of specialisations including:

Where would you like to be financially, in five, ten or twenty years? What risks most concern you? Please make an appointment to tell us about it. There’s no charge for an initial consultation with Greg Newbury or Thomas Heenan.

For more information and an obligation-free initial consultation, please contact:

Sydney Chartered Accountant, Financial Planner and Registered Tax AgentGreg Newbury,
Partner, Accru Felsers
Level 6, 1 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Tel +61 2 8226 1655 Fax +61 2 8226 1616

Accru Financial Planning Pty Ltd is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 341864 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

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